Rural tourism

The development of tourism in rural areas brings many economical and social benefits. Tourist offices activate local communities, create new jobs, improve the quality of life of rural residents.
Agricultural Advisory Centre in Minikowo for many years, initiates and undertakes various activities that contribute to the development of rural tourism. The result is, among other things, steadily growing number of agri-tourism farms – from 29 in 1994 to over 350 in 2014 and higher quality services.
We actively support the initiatives aimed to specialize in rural tourism, for example. Coordination of educational farms or promotion the idea of care farms. Care farms – as a new type of activity on the basis of tourist farms can complement currently existing forms of social assistance and the opportunity to gain additional income. Actually we implementing the project which involves the creation and operation of the 15 care farms, providing 75 places in the 5 districts. Pensioners are dependents, who will benefit from the support and activities for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week (in groups of 3-8 pers.). The recruitment will be carried out with regard to identifying the needs of the local environment, in constant contact with the Centres for Social Welfare.
Another our activity is a Rural Tourism Forum which is organized in cooperation with the Marshal’s Office and the Kujawsko-Pomorska Tourist Organisation. This three-day event promotes the exchange of experience and generating ideas for new tourist products.
An example of promotional activities in the field of tourism is competition AGRO-holidays, the aim of which is to present the best farms and encourage other service providers to raise the standard of services and enhancing of attractiveness.
The owners of agro-tourism farms in Kujawsko-Pomorski region can post their offers on the website, founded and run by KPODR.


Culinary heritage

A local product is an integral part of each region on the map of the country, so more and more people see these products as one of the elements affecting the attractiveness of the region. Traditional and regional products can provide an alternative source of income for the rural population and are a way to diversify employment in rural areas.
To meet these problems KPODR in Minikowo created Center for Culinary Heritage and Rural Tourism. Using funding from the Regional Operational Programme of the object in 2014 it was completely rebuilt and modernized. It is now a modern and functional complex equipped with an auditorium, a kitchen with separate workshop positions, traditional bread oven, smokehouse, cold storage, etc.
Its primary purpose is to provide comprehensive services, educational workshops for local producers, agritourism farms and providers of catering services, owners and employees of small processing companies, hotels and catering (HoReCa).
In the coming years it is planned to launch the “kitchen incubator” where local food producers will be able to rent for short periods infrastructure center for the professional preparation of products for sale.