In advisory activities of the Centre much attention is paid to the problems of ecology and environmental protection. Environmental education involves raising awareness of pro environment, and its task is to develop a new perspective on the environment and learn how to preserve nature and the environment. An important element is the development of organic farms and promotion of their products.


Environmental and ecological education


Raising awareness and knowledge is realized through the implementation of the provisions on environmental protection, sustainable development and agri environment programs.
For several years, with the financial support of the Regional Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management in Torun is implemented educational program „Greening the village of Kujawsko-Pomorskie,” which took its range more than 3 thousand farms. Thanks to the program we implemented comprehensive activities to reduce the degradation of the environment resulting from agricultural activities.
Rational waste management in rural areas is implemented mainly through the annual Environment Forum, which is addressed primarily to local governments and companies dealing with this issue. At the Forum we invite renowned experts who present the current legislation and discuss on the most important issues and solutions that can be implemented in practice. New action is environmental education. For this purpose we created the Ecological Education Centre and the Development of Green Economy with didactic path on the edge of the „Valley of Notec” of around 3.5 km lenght. The Centre hosts numerous entertainment and nature workshops for children and youth. Moreover, every year in June, is organized outdoor event called educational „Feast Meadows” in the area covered by the Natura 2000. We run also a natural wortal Educational activities are supported by publications, conference materials, radio and television broadcasts.
New challenge for the coming years will be the problem of invasive plants, especially the Sosnowsky’s hogweed, which threaten native species and natural habitats.


Organic farming

Since its inception in 1985, the first organic farms in our province and also in whole country, the Centre gave them advice and promotion. We developed methods of education and awareness raising in this area. There are different kinds of conferences, workshops, training, and publications, to the producers of organic food and consumers. The promotion of organic farming and products can also be found at mass events and competitions for the audience.
In 2012, on an organic farm of Zdziarscy family in Labiszyn was established Demonstration and Training Centre under the international project BERAS IMPLEMENTATION. The farm has become a place of practical activities for advisers and youth. There you can almost trace the entire system of organic production „from farm to table”, eg. From crops and livestock through processing and distribution.
The newly planned measures for organic farming under the RDP 2014-2020, is another opportunity and good prospects for the development of this production. It is also another challenge for specialists and consultants of the Centre to prepare farmers to benefit from EU support.