The market position of the farm is shaped primarily by its financial situation. To only those farms have a chance to grow which are better and more quickly adapted the scale and structure of production to market conditions.


Polish FADN

The development of the Common Agricultural Policy requires access to objective and relevant information on farm incomes. FADN is the only source of harmonized economic data from farms to enable comparisons to be made at regional, Member Country and European Union.
Since 2004 KPODR serves as the Regional Accounting Office in the Farm Accounting Data Network (FADN). The task is executed on the orders of the Institute of Agricultural Economics and Food Economics – National Research Institute in Warsaw.
In the 2015 study included 1 420 farms of Kujawsko-Pomorskie region. With farmers providing electronic accounting data directly supports 115 advisors of Polish FADN, who make nearly 12 thousand assistance visits during the year.
Data obtained from farms are used to create a database on the level of production achieved, the amount of costs incurred and revenues generated in households with different economic size and direction of production.


Accounting Office

To meet the growing interest in the principles of taxation of agricultural activity, KPODR offers accounting services targeted to farmers, as well as to persons engaged in non-agricultural economic activities in rural areas.
Since 2010, we disseminate information on the tax settlement in agricultural activities. Farmers are not only limited to the settlement of VAT on their farms, they are increasingly looking for new sources of income and open new companies. Therefore, we offer the farmers accounting, HR and payroll services as well as professional tax advice.
The office staff are certified Ministry of Finance for bookkeeping services. Activity in the field of accounting services is covered by the compulsory insurance of civil liability.


Agro costs

Every year since 2005 in cooperation with the Institute of Agricultural and Food Economics – National Research Institute in Warsaw within the Data Collection System Notifications Agricultural Agro costs we conduct analysis of agricultural production activities on farms. Data collected within the system Agro costs are the basis for performance of production-economic analysis, studies and surveys, short- and medium-term forecasts of production and economic effects of selected activities.


Market information

Systematically we collect and disseminate among farmers information about the prices of agricultural products and means for production. Current prices are posted on our website.
On behalf of the Agricultural Advisory Centre in Brwinow 8 times a year we collect prices of mineral fertilizers.
Every week we collect market prices for Integrated Agricultural Market Information System. The results are given in the information bulletin issued by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.


Managing farm

Under this measure, we organize training workshops, where participants can expand their knowledge and develop practical skills on farm management. We discuss and show how to use the results of accounting for operational decision-making and development. We teach the proper preparation of calculation and economic analysis also how to use a computer in the management and preparation of descriptions useful for decision-making.


Economic analysis and investment plans

We prepare investment plans for farms applying for preferential loans subsidized by the Agency for Restructuring and Modernization of Agriculture and commercial loans. The reports indicate sources of financing and determine creditworthiness. In addition, depending on the needs we prepare economic analyzes, calculations and estimates of damages in agricultural activity.


Agriculture calculations

Since 1994 we publish „Calculations Farm”. This study aims to determine the income and expenses, with particular emphasis on direct and indirect costs. Calculations are developed for different technologies and production levels. This allows to show trends in the chnages of income and expenses for each production activities.