The tradition of organizing agricultural exhibitions in Minikowo is almost as old as the history of the Centre. The beginning of the current formula for the fair were called. „Days of Open Doors” science and agricultural advisory – educational event. On the experimental fields and collections of crop, specialists and scientists from the Centre and agricultural institutes presented to farmers and advisory services new varieties and agronomic test results. To spice up event gradually began to organize exhibitions of equipment and agricultural products.

At the turn of the seventies and eighties, these exhibitions have been enriched by the exhibition of agricultural equipment made by rural rationalizers within the framework of the “Case of Good Ideas”. Some of them were so innovative that obtained patent protection and have been put into production.


After the marketization of Polish economy Fair AGRO-TECH has expanded rapidly. An important moment for their development was to establish cooperation with the Danish company HARDI which produces sprayers. The company was first which organized in Minikowo shows of modern field sprayers with the assessment of spraying uniformity. HARDI’s participation in our exhibition gave it an international character. Since then, the fair took on momentum and today are one of the most important agricultural fairs in Poland. Evidenced by the constantly increasing number of exhibitors and visitors and the growing area of the exhibition.

Fair every year is visited by approx. 35-40 thousand people, mostly farmers, products and novelties presents approx. 450 exhibitors.

The prestige of the exhibition is confirmed by the results of surveys and awards exhibition. AGRO-TECH Minikowo – the only one in the country five times received the honorable title of „Fair Leader” in the category of events organized by the agricultural advisory centers. Such a result can boast no other Agricultural Advisory Centre in Poland.agrotech

It should be added that since 2005 AGRO-TECH are covered by the Quality Management System ISO 9001: 2009. This system ensures not only the high quality of exhibition services, but also allows you to monitor and identify customer needs and expectations.

Logo of AGRO-TECH Fair is reserved and protected by patent.

Fair AGRO-TECH Minikowo have their long-standing tradition and have for years been classified as one of the most important agricultural exhibitions in Poland and the largest in the northern part in Poland. With the organization of trade fairs Agricultural Advisory Centre in Minikowo cooperates with many institutions, including the German Farmers Association DLG, which is the organizer of Europe’s largest and the world’s agricultural exhibition in Hanover AGRITECHNIKA and EuroTier.