“Days of Open Doors”

Open Days in Zarzeczewo are organized annually at the beginning of June since 1978.

Of course, the first DOD was very different from today, involving an average of 200 companies and 20 000 visitors.

At the first DOD in 1978 we hosted only a few people. Systematically we introduced to the program exhibitions and fairs, such necessary in those days because it was the end of the seventies and it was difficult to buy the means of production.

To improve the attractiveness we introduced to the program:

-varietal plots,

-competitions for exhibitors and visitors,


-performances and various curiosities,

-parrots, pigeons and livestock exhibitions

-dog shows (which we have today),

-balloon competitions

-MISS elections of Days of Open Doors,

-demonstrations of martial arts,

-fight shows of medieval knights,

-firefighters shows,

-children’s playground

-beer gardens etc.

In the early years during comunism we had to persuade companies and encourage participation in the fair, we had to finance event itself. After the 90’s, and the introduction of a market economy, companies and service units of agriculture see the need to participate in the event and to promote their products and services. Days of Open Doors greatly expanded in terms of number of exhibitors and visitors, it was necessary modernization and expansion of the base of the exhibition.

Currently the event is profitable, and the number of exhibitors is limited only exhibition area, which together with parking now exceeds 10 ha.