Kuyavian-Pomeranian Agricultural Advisory Centre in Minikowo (KPODR) is a public consultancy institution employing 250 employees including 57 institutional experts dealing with environmental, farming and rural consultancy as well as 130 field advisors who have daily contact to farmers, entrepreneurships, and other inhabitants of rural areas in order to increase farm incomes and improve living conditions in the countryside and municipalities KPODR provides its services to a diverse range of organisations in the private and public sectors as well as to individuals.

KPODR  organizes and carries out annually approx. 1500 training days, 30 conferences, 13500 individual advices, 20000 elaborations (business plans, funds applications, etc.), 350 publications and fairs.



This task is accomplished by:
– individual and group counseling

– educating farmers through training, courses, conferences and seminars,
– developing business plans of investment projects and applications for subsidies from EU programs
– organization of exhibitions, shows and competitions,
– information activities,
– publishing activities,

Advisory activities are focused on:
– technological consultancy,
– helping farmers in applying for the grant of financial assistance from the EU funds or other domestic and foreign institutions,
– implementation of Good Agricultural Practice and agri-environmental program,
– modernization of agricultural holdings through the introduction of modern organizational and technological solutions,
– implementation of agricultural accounting and Polish FADN
– supporting the development of small business in rural areas,
– activities for the protection and preservation of cultural heritage,
– protection of the natural environment and the natural landscape,
– integration of farmers into producer groups,
– promotion of modern technical and technological solutions,
– dissemination of knowledge on renewable energy sources.


The most important annual events:
Conferences, seminars, trade fairs, exhibitions, shows:
Kuyavian-Pomeranian Horticultural and Agrotourism Fair „Summer in the Village”
Days of Open Doors in Zarzeczewo
Kuyavian-Pomeranian „FIELD DAYS”
International Agricultural and Industrial Fair AGRO-TECH®
– Regional Exhibition of Animal Breeding,
– National Meetings of Ecology,
– National Organic Harvest Festival.


The resort provides services in the following areas:
1. Conducting:

– Documentation and necessary accounting records on farms
– Qualification courses in professions suitable for agricultural activities,
– Stationary technological trainings commissioned by individuals,
– Courses on the use of plant protection products on land-based,
– Courses for those involved in the trade of plant protection products,
– Courses on agro-tourism and organic farming,
– Publishing and printing,
– The production of queen bees,
– Assessment the technical efficiency of sprayers.

2. Preparation of technological solutions for farms:

  – Assessment of investment opportunities in farms,
– Economic, financial and technological analysis and descriptions
– Agri-environmental plans,
– Plans for switching farm to organic production,
– Plans of natural fertilizers storage,
– Plans for fertilization, crop protection and nutrition of farm animals,
– Technological plans of crop production, livestock, vegetable and fruit growing, and special departments.

3. The organization of trade fairs, exhibitions, shows, conferences and other projects disseminating agricultural knowledge and new production technologies.

4. Filling applications or other documents necessary to apply for financial assistance from the European Union funds and other domestic and foreign institutions.